Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Back to Sewing, Crafting and all things creative

Wow, what a first half year this has been! Back in Feb toddled off to the Doc's with a hard lump in my neck that proved to be quite troublesome. It didn't hurt but was just there in the background like an unwelcome guest. Months of blood tests, ultra sounds and x-rays proved that cells were benign but not what caused it. So after much consideration, we as a family decided to have it cut out and thrown in the bin, ha that would show you, you nasty lump.

Post op pic

Unfortunately the op proved to be more painful than I imagined (still think I'm a spring chicken) and I have been finding it difficult to do everyday tasks. It rather feels like my chin is now attached to my chest!

Still, enough of the moaning (and groaning) lol, with painkillers in hand I shall attempt to create beautiful gifts for friends, family and customers with my trusty old sewing machine. Which leads me ever so innocently to my Etsy shop which, although sparingly stocked, is now open for business.

Click here

Onwards and upwards!

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