Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hello World

After spending countless afternoons reading others blogs I thought I would join the online trend for sharing creative know how. Now that may sound like I know what I’m doing, but as far as blog land is concerned, I can assure you that I don’t!  But I’m gonna give it a try anyhow.
This blog, like many crafters blogs, will display works in progress, pattern savvyness (is that how you spell it?) links to wonderful sewists elsewhere in blogland, tutorials and hopefully freebies of patterns I have created, as long as I can convert them to PDF form. I shall do my very best to keep you entertained x
This is the first dress I made for my granddaughter, needless to say, it wasn't the last!
She is now a very grown up 4 year old fashionista, diving into fabric piles and choosing her next outfit.
I shall revel in this participation until the time comes when a stubborn pout of the lips and a shake of the head means its store bought clothes only. I dread the day!

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