Saturday, 16 November 2013

Mishaps & Mayhem

Wow, what a week! I seem to have done lots of sewing without actually making one complete outfit or anything of any use.  On Monday I started nice and early (still in my nightie) creating a pattern for a friends daughter who happens to be very long legged and slim. By mid morning the Sophie Leggings pattern had been fully drawn up and I was now dressed with a big cup of coffee and a slice of toast.

pattern drafting

Fabric had already been chosen for the leggings (some really cool snakeskin print jersey, above) so a pair was quickly sewn up, I love sewing leggings. Being as I still had some time before school turned out I ran a couple of pairs of leggings up for my little Eva diva (granddaughter).

So where's the mishap and mayhem I hear you ask? Well, Tuesday I managed to cut a t shirt out with fold on the wrong side of the pattern so the arm hole is in the centre!

The Kennedy Bag by Sara of Sew Sweetness needed buckles so I thought a bit of recycling was in order and stripped a store bought bag apart for the hardware only to find the buckles were too small for the straps!

Kennedy Bag

Wednesday I had my fabric the wrong way round so there was little to no stretch for the leggings being cut out that were to go with the t shirt from Tuesday. They looked fabby but unfortunately would probably only fit a doll that didn't mind being mummified in a pair of denim leggings. Saying that I think even a doll would complain!

Thursday I made a super fabby ironing board cover with some retro fabric I have had sitting around for over a year (I loved it so much I couldn't bear to cut into it). It matched my kitchen exactly, it was retro, it fit the ironing board beautifully AND it wasn't heat proof whatsoever and the iron stuck to it! Doh!
handmade cover

Friday I thought that not much more could go wrong on the sewing front and then managed to break my twin needles within the first 30 seconds! I had splashed out on some twin needles (£4.25 for one set) to top stitch a blazer I was making and totally forgot it was still set to a wide zig zag which resulted in one of the needles catching the foot and snapping off.

So to recap, apart from the Sophie leggings - which she was highly delighted with and they fit like a glove - I had an ironing board cover that I couldn't use, a raglan t shirt and leggings outfit with leggings that didn't fit and an unfinished blazer to go with an unfinished outfit!

 Eva diva was still pleased with the t shirt - what a patient little girl.

Still, a big cup of coffee and an even bigger bar of chocolate while watching TV and all sewing tantrums are put aside - at least until next week!


  1. My daughter Sophie is rocking her snake skin leggings they are amazing. I'll take a pic to add to your blog x a huge thank you from the mother of a very awkward daughter who only likes certain mamaterial styles and as you said is very long for her age lol :0)


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